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Nurture Merit Excel is a well-designed, structured, and focused program to support bright students coming from economically challenged families for their Professional Education to complete their Engineering or Medical course leading to meaningful employment. The program has the following integrated services. Financial Scholarship:  This will cover their entire college fees for four or five years of their course, Along with an additional amount for books and other equipment.

Digital Services & Mentoring: Students will be connected with mentors to get required guidance and also various digital services for skill development will be provided to the students.

With the support of Neuroglia Health Private Limited (Dailyrounds) FY-21-22, 59 students have been supported to tune of INR 177 lakh for their entire Engineering and Medical courses . We thank Neuroglia Health Private Limited (Dailyrounds) for supporting 59 professional students for their entire professional course. Your support helps to further our mission through Nurture Merit Excel program.

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