Yuva Fellowship Program

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Vision: We envisage Excellent Education for all the children in Karnataka

Theory of Problem

  • In Karnataka 3/4th of the 8.0 Lakhs student who appears in Class-10 exams score less than 60% marks in Maths & Science.
  • An average of 2.5 Lakh students drop out of Education between Class-7 to Class-10 every year in Karnataka
  • With 28.8% GER in higher education, Karnataka ranked lowly 18th among all the states and the Union Territories.
  • Most importantly due to lack of opportunity most promising committed youth who have the potential to become good teachers migrate to bigger cities.

Rural students spend twelve years of formal education learning passively. They are only encouraged to memorize the content of the notes dictated in their classrooms and not to think beyond the syllabus. In science classes formulas are memorized but never applied to the real world or through experiments. As a result of this system of passive knowledge, the students emerge without the necessary critical thinking ability, analytical skills or communication skills necessary to succeed in the real world. While there are numerous causes to this problem, we believe the root cause lies in the lack of teachers who have either experienced quality education or are committed to challenges, learn and improve the quality of teaching and schools

Theory of Change

To provide an opportunity to passionate, committed and most promising young graduates from local communities to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in Karnataka’s most under-resourced schools. In Long term we will engage these committed teacher leaders to advocate for Quality Education & Education Equity for all.

Alumni Vision: Our Alumni would work in diverse roles within education sector as teachers, teacher trainers in their community towards building an ecosystem of support for fellow teachers to bring out a systemic change to ensure one day all children in Karnataka attain Excellent education.

Student Vision: An excellent education which equips them with the knowledge, skills, values, and mindsets needed to be empowered individuals and Socially responsible citizens.