Knowledge Resource Centers

Knowledge Resource Centers

Vidya Poshak realises that resources for youth form an integral part of empowering the student community. With this in mind Vidya Poshak has setup Knowledge resource centers and Book banks to cater to entire student community.

There are various activities organized in the knowledge resource centers for the benefit of Student community.

Objectives of our Knowledge Resource CentersĀ 

  1. To create positive energy in youth by providing free access to information and facilitate hands on learning.
  1. To create an environment where the youth could get hands on experiences in Job skills such as Communication skills, Aptitude Skills, Opportunities for learning group work, discussions, presentations by conducting periodic workshops & trainings.
  1. To facilitate the youths to prepare for Competitive exams and National level Entrance exams by providing them required daily Newspapers & Periodicals.
  1. To guide and assist the youths for online applications to apply for Bank Exams, Competitive exams and any other National level entrance exams.
  1. To assist the youth by providing information regarding career options & facilitate walk-in interviews for graduates and non graduates through our existing contacts with employers.
  1. To provide youth a platform and space for engaging with the other youth and to facilitate involvement of community in endeavors of youth in bringing social change.

Following are the visible Outcomes of our Youth Center

  1. The rural youth are getting exposure and awareness on industry requirements.
  2. The youth are getting first hand knowledge on current affairs.
  3. The youth gets clear picture on various competitive exams & Higher education options.
  4. The youth are regularly trained on various life skills & soft skills which makes them competive and increases their confidence.
  5. There is a substantial cross learning amongst the youth which will go a long way in enriching their personalities.