Nurture Merit Scholarship


2020-05-31 (3)

Nurture Merit Program Is a well-designed, structured, and focused program to support bright students coming from economically challenged families for their Higher Education to complete their Graduation degree leading to meaningful employment/self-employment.

Nurture Merit Program Components

  • Financial Assistance: This will cover college fees, transportation, and exam fees. Along with this additional amount for coaching is given for a few performers. For some extreme need-based cases (10%) additional amount is also given to cover room and boarding
  • Knowledge Center Services: Reference books, Career Counseling, Online Webinars, Mentoring Activities, Industry visits, and Monthly workshops are provided to the students.
  • Bridge Training: Every student will be provided with various skill and need-based training to enhance communication/life skills and employment opportunities. Along with this to ensure creating good, sensitive citizens for the society.

Levels of the Screening process

  • First level screening: SSLC Marks & Based on the documents uploaded (Electricity Bill + Ration Card + Bank Pass Book)
  • Second Level Screening: Telephonic Discussion will be conducted by Volunteers and will be hosted by VP Team.
  • Third level Screening: Dwelling unit visits by Volunteers to meet the parents & assess the poverty condition. 

Financial Support details: 

Support amount to be transferred to the students’ account directly to their account.

  • Financial support for Non-Professional (PUC & Degree) students up to INR 15,000/20,000
  • Financial support for professional Education (Engineering & Medical) is up to INR 50,000/- & above based on donors wish
  • Agri & Allied courses, (Nursing, Horticulture, Fisheries, etc.) Support up to INR25000/- 
  • higher level of Poverty and a higher level of merit will get priority for support