Program Highlights 2023



Nurture Merit
Nurture Merit is a Flagship program of Vidya Poshak which includes Financial Assistance, Library facility and Skill development for economically challenged meritorious students. Since its inception Vidya Poshak supported 17500+ students for their higher Education.

In FY 2023-24, till now a total amount of INR 192.40 lakhs is disbursed as financial assistance to 1433 students as renewal support. Vidya Poshak is in process of supporting 300+ new students to support under Nurture Merit program.
Vidya Poshak conducted orientation program where all students, volunteers and donors come together to know each other. Students got sanction letter of the financial assistance in the program and Vidya Poshak appreciated students for their achievement. From October to December, we have done 7 programs in different places.


Mentoring & Industrial Visit Programs
VISA Company has given 6 months special technical training to selected 20 final year engineering students to up skill themselves to get better job opportunity. All 20 students completed the training and as of now 12 students got selected for the reputed companies with average salary of Rs.12LPA and Maximum salary of Rs.28LPA.

Nutanix Company given one on one mentoring support for three months under Jr. Nutant program to 15 students after the company visit. It helped students to learn different skill sets from the mentors. Every week there was a mentoring session from assigned mentors which was boon for our scholars.

As part of Industrial visit our students visited different companies and interacted with IT head, HR head and women leaders. Students got exposure to the corporate world and learning from this visit. Till now we have visited eight corporate companies. Total 203 students got benefited from industrial visit and mentoring facility provided by the donors.



Payana Scholarship Support for Girl Students


Yuva Fellowship

Through Yuva fellowship program, We aim to provide an opportunity to passionate, committed and most promising young graduates from local communities to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in Karnataka’s most under-resourced Govt. schools. The teaching fellow will spend two years teaching in rural government schools as a full-time teacher teaching Mathematics, Science and English Subjects. In Long term our alumni will become advocates of Excellent Education & work for Educational Equity.

Nine Yuva fellows are working in 9 rural government schools around the villages of Dharwad and reaching 910 rural children. By aiming to give Excellent Education our fellows are teaching Maths, Science and English for Class 5, 6, and 7 Students.Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship students got the opportunity to visit Adobe Company for the “Create Change Symposium – Project Smile Community League 2023”. Five students from the Each school of Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship got selected for the visit. 39 students got the opportunity to play different Indoor and Outdoor games at the league. Students were very excited in the overall activities and got prizes in the different games too.

In collaboration with ThinkTac, our fellows started doing experiments in the schools by using the science experiment kits. The kit has 7 different experiments of their respective topics.  Students started experiencing the experiments in all of our schools. These kits and the experiments allow our students to learn new topics of science and gives the opportunity to create new things by critical and creative thinking.

Vidya Poshak in partnership with LNW distributed learning materials to children on the occasion of Children’s Day. It contained a drawing book, a set of pens, Rangeela paint, Two English Puzzle books and a Water bottle. 910 students from 9 schools in Dharwad district received the learning materials.


Residential Bridge Camps

Vidya Poshak residential training camps aim to foster life skills that are not fully available in the student’s life, either on campus or in their community. Every camp had different themes for different classes. The objectives of the camps were to assist the students to set and achieve desired career goals, increase confidence through skill sets (IQ, EQ, and SQ), make them contributive and socially sensitive citizens.

Vidya Poshak trained 564 students through 10 residential bridge camps in six different districts from April to December 2023. 70% of students were girls.


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama”

Thank You for all your support – Team Vidya Poshak

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