COVID-19 Support to students families


We are directly supporting more than 8000 rural students for their Education & Training in 10 Districts in North Karnataka

With the support of HSBC, we have provided ration kit with one full month of materials required for a family worth INR 3000 to 500 Families with overall 2500 beneficiaries worth 15.0 Lakhs

We have identified 200 single women led families of daily wagers and provided financial support of INR5000 each work INR 10.0 Lakhs with support from Individual donors & GiveIndia

With more than 3200 students families are affected we have reached out to 700 families as of now.

Support our mission

We are seeking any kind of support at this junction where the whole country is in a state of lockdown. In addition to a health threat, for most of our beneficiary Student’s families it is a life changing event – severely affecting their livelihoods, and pushing them into severe poverty Conditions.

Out of our Supported students around 1000+ students are raised by SIngle Parent, Widows & Women who underwent domestic abuse. These women take care of the family needs by doing daily wage work as farm laborers or working as maid or working in a small industry or  selling vegetables etc . These families reside in rural parts of the 8 districts in rural  North Karnataka.

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