Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship Application 2021

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The Education Crisis of Karnataka

  • In Karnataka more than 45 Lakh rural students go to the available 20155 Govt Higher Primary Schools & 4528 Govt High Schools which is accessible to them.
  • ASER survey of Karnataka says Less than 40% of students of class 7 & 8 are able to read simple English sentence or solve a basic arithmetic problem.
  • More than 2.5 Lakh student drop out of Education between Class-7 to Class-10
  • With 28.8% GER in higher education, Karnataka ranked lowly 18th among all the states and the Union Territories.


The rural students spend twelve years of formal education learning passively. There don’t get opportunities for presentations, group work, discussions, experimentation or hands-on learning. The are only encouraged to memorize the content of the notes dictated in their classrooms and not to think beyond syllabus. In science classes formulas are memorized but never applied to the real world or through experiments, in English courses grammar rules are drilled but speaking is never encouraged.

As a result of this system of passive knowledge the students emerge without the necessary critical thinking ability, analytical skills or communication skills necessary to succeed in the real world.

There is a lack of local change leaders / inspiring teachers to provide quality education

Our Solution – Teaching Fellows in rural schools

To provide an opportunity to passionate, committed and most promising young graduates from local communities to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in Karnataka’s most under-resourced schools.

Fellowship Model:  The teaching fellow spend 2+1 years teaching in rural government school as a full time teacher along with pursuing B.Ed. The fellow would be teaching Mathematics and Science Subjects in school.

In Long term our alumni will become advocates of Excellent Education & work for   Educational Equity.


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Why should I join Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship 2021?

  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of the excellent education movement
  • Believes in transforming the future of rural children through excellent education
  • Space to bring your ideas into action in a culture that values innovation

What will I gain by doing the fellowship

  • You will gain necessary Knowledge & Skills to become an Excellent teacher &  a role model
  • You will gain the necessary leadership qualities to be a change maker for your community
  • Get to know & work on the the real challenges in the education ecosystem

Who can apply?

  • Young graduates (between 21 to 26 years old) who are willing to commit to full-time as  fellow teacher for rural school children

I have given my final year exams and the  results not yet came, still can I apply?

  • The fellowship will start from 2021 academic year ie July 2021 , If you will be available for fulltime and ready to work in a rural school around Dharwad , You can apply.

I completed my higher education/ PG, can I apply?

  • Sure, If you are passionate to teach and want to be a change leader and role model in the community

Where will I be placed if I get selected?

  • Dharwad, Karnataka and teaching will be in and around Dharwad village schools

Can other district candidates apply?

  • Yes, candidates from all over Karnataka who are fluent in Kannada and English can apply.

Will I be paid during my internship?

  • Yes, you will get Rs.13000 as monthly stipend for fellowship during the first year

Will I be trained initially ?

  • You will undergo three to four weeks training in pedagogy, systemic teaching skills and classroom management. An exposure to other potential educators/education entrepreneurs in the ecosystem will also be offered.
  • Continuous on-Job training will be provided to enable you to become an excellent teacher

What is the duration for fellowship?

  • Its is 2 years full-time commitment
  • From July 2021 – Jun 2023.

Can I get any certificate for an fellowship?

  • You will get experience letter and appreciation certificate from Vidya Poshak

Is work experience mandatory?

  • No, any volunteer experience or teaching experience is preferable (Tution class experience also will count)

How can I apply for an internship?

What is the Deadline for submitting the application?

  • The Final Deadline for accepting applications is second week of May 2021. The outcome will be communicated to you within 1 week.

What is the selection process?

  • There will be 3 rounds of selection process
  • Shortlisted applicants will receive the information about next rounds
  • Final round of interviews will be held in Dharwad

What are all the skills needed for fellowship?

  • Communication skill
  • Presentation skill
  • Basic computer skills
  • Research and design skills

What and whom will I be teaching?

  • You will be teaching Science and Maths to Rural kannada medium middle school students

What are all the documents needed to submit along with the application?

  • You have to upload updated CV along with application

Can I send an application written copy by post?

  • Only online application will be considered
  • Any other questions Call/WhatsApp 9845038017 or 8861201831

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